About the author

My name is Lyubomira Dimitrova. I am a 20-year-old aspiring solicitor, and here are a few things you should know about me:

  • I graduated from a state comprehensive, non-selective school in a <30,000 town Northern Central Bulgaria, one of the poorest regions in the whole European Union.

  • One of 7 students in a 45,616 cohort to achieve straight 6.00s in the final-year exams in 2020, equivalent to A*A*A* in the UK A-levels.

  • Bronze medallist in the International Philosophy Olympiad 2020, and one of a next generation of future leaders (according to the selection committee at the European School Summer Camp for Young Leaders in Georgia, 2019).

  • Now at Cambridge studying Law, I will be welcoming Lord Justice Jackson at the inaugural Cambridge v Oxford Varsity Mock Trial, which I co-organise as part of the CU Mock Trial Society.

  • Whilst interning at Kinstellar (formerly Linklaters Central Europe), my ambition solidified to become a top commercial solicitor.

  • This is my LinkedIn page.
    To contact me, email lyubomira.p.dimitrova@gmail.com.

About this website

About this website

This website came to being as a result of my keen interest in the history of art. I created it in 2020 as part of my final project in Information and Technology (IT) in Year 12 (the final year of high school under the Bulgarian education system). It was graded a 6.00, which is the highest mark on the 2-6 scale (ascending) used in Bulgarian schools.

I only made the website available online in 2021. The original Bulgarian version is also written in HTML and fully operational. Link to a Google drive folder, which contains all files proving the original date of creation, can be provided upon request.