You have just stepped into the Sistine Chapel.
To examine the 2 series of frescoes on your right and left in the order in which the events depicted in them appear
in the Old and the New Testament respectively, you should first go to the other end of the chapel,
where you can see the altar wall with one of Michelangelo's most famous works, The Last Judgement.

Now you are at the altar, ready to begin your tour.
Walking towards the entrance, you will be able to see the Stories of Moses series of frescoes on your right,
and the Stories of Jesus series on your left. You will end your tour back at the entrance,
where the two seies "merge" right above the chapel's doors.
These side-wall frescoes (14 in total) were painted by the cream of the 15th-century painters of the Florentine and Umbrian Schools of Art,
at the invitation of Pope Sixtus IV himself.
The biblical scenes from the life of Moses were specifically picked to match the ones from the life of Jesus.
The aim is to draw a parallel between the two storylines, thereby achieving metaphorical unity of the Old and the New Testament.

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